Chord and Lyrics Jason Aldean Too Fast

Chord and Lyrics Jason Aldean Too Fast

Capo 2nd Fret

G – D – Am – C

C                             G
I want to be the man that you thought I was
C                                  G
I want to be the man that made you fall in love
C                 G
I can't undo everything I've done
But let me tell you right now
C                D
Baby, you're the only one

I don't want to be a restless soul
Running on empty, burning up the road
Never knowing what I'm trying to find
          C                          D
While the wheels keep turning in the back of my mind
I don't wanna take a long way home
Sleeping in a roadside room alone
Am                                   C         D           G
Head in the clouds, foot on the gas, living my life too fast

C                                G
I've been making a living, not making a life
C                             G
And knowing that now, well it cuts like a knife
C                                G
The way it's been ain't how it's gonna be
Am                       C                       D
Baby, starting right now, I’m gonna give you the best of me

(CHORUS) (G – D –Am – C – D)

Am                   C
Ooh, I've been a rolling stone
Am                          C         D
I think it's time for me to roll on home

GUITAR SOLO (G – D –Am – C – D)

(CHORUS) (G – D –Am – C – D)

D              Am         C
Living my life too fast

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